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      Made with 7 natural ingredients only, this plant-based superfood mix is naturally packed with antioxidants.

      Boost your energy by adding superfoods to your diet with this blend of 7 nutritious organic ingredients. Great source of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

      Suitable for a VEGAN or GLUTEN-FREE diet.

      How to use?
      Add one teaspoon to smoothies, water, almond milk, juice, your favorite beverage, your recipes (pancakes, pastries, soups, porridge), breakfast or snacks.

      hibiscus*, baobab*, blueberry*, acai*, maqui*, acerola*, maca* 
      *certified organic

      Nutrition facts for one teaspoon (about 5g)
      CALORIES: 20
      Total fat: 0g (0%*)
      saturated fat: 0g (0%*)
      trans fat: 0g
      Cholesterol: 0mg (0%*)
      Sodium: 5mg (0%*)
      Total carbohydrates: 3g (1%*)
      Fiber: 1g (4%*)
      Sugars: 1g
      added sugars: 0g (0%)
      Protein: <1g (1%*)
      Calcium: 0%*
      Iron: 4%*
      Potassium: 2%*
      *The % daily value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet.
      2,000 calories is used for general nutrition advice.